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    • John Mathew
    • 02 . 12 . 2016
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    First off, we give all due praise to the Most High for giving us the opportunity to repay our debt to It. We say "It" because the Most High is the highest of entities and It has no gender yet operates in the masculine and feminine capacity as ONE and as our Creator, and in masculinity in some areas and in femininity in other areas all according to our needs related to Its work through us, Its Children of Light. It is the Tree. And we are the fruit It has bourne. Brothers and Sistars - we did not fall far from that Tree.
    Secondly, we honor and therefore stand on the shoulders of the Ancestors because your love and support give us the power and wisdom to take your legacy and make it ours so that we are successful in leaving the estate in a better condition than that of which we inherited it from you. Thank you for believing in us enough to die for our future prosperity.
    And thirdly, we give honors to all of the men and women that trudged the trenches and paved the way for us so we can live. All of the personalities that have shown us the way and all of you who are walking that way beside us, we love you and we've dedicated our lives to the struggle for true liberation for us all. We are building up the estate and when we hand it to our children, they will look to the Most High teary-eyed and thankful for bringing them into this despicable world through unflinchingly beneficient and compassionate parents such as us.
    Now. That said, let's get on with the business of LIVING!