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randb group registration - no 1 the randb group search and reality show casting

  • Price
    Price : 20 USD
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Repetitive Event
    Repeats Every Week
  • Event Days
    | Tue |
  • Duration
    Feb 11, 2020 - Feb 11, 2020
  • Timing
    7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Event Description

Imagine getting radio play for real pay. Imagine that that radio play also translates into paid touring through 48 markets across America where the people who liked your music, requested your music and made dedications to their loved ones with your music are the same people who are looking up at you on the stage rockin’ to the music that they love that you produced… and they paid to get in to see you. Can you see that?

Well, it’s not your imagination. That’s the UrbanFire Network. And it’s HERE!

And not only that.

This summer the reality show called #1 will begin airing on the UrbanFire Binge TV & Movie Network. #1 is a candid and unscripted docuseries about what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry without going through the mainstream. Join us as we look over the shoulders of 7 acts as they navigate the unchartered waters of the UrbanFire Network’s radio, television, and film platform in a quest to be #1.

One of those 7 acts will be an R&B group. The R&B group that claims the $5,000 cash prize that’s at stake in this competition will automatically be cast in #1 alongside other artists and industry hopefuls. The competition will run for 13 weeks with 13 rounds starting on Tuesday, February 11th at One Love Lounge & Caribbean Restaurant located at 2315 S. Cooper St., Arlington, TX 76015.

There is a panel of 3 judges (TBA) who will get help from our live studio audiences as well as MoPower’s #1 Family group on the MoPower Social Community (https://mopower.themopowerexchange.com/group/mopower1family/). As you can see from our graphic’s 5-point star, judges are working by a scorecard with 5 points of interest each ranging from zero to five. Judges will grade each act on:

Point 1—Appearance

Point 2—Performance

Point 3— Writing & Singing/ Song Selection

Point 4— Stage Presence

Point 5—Audience Connection

Groups will sing a lead-in hook which will segue into the bridge of a written/ chosen song and end it with an ending hook. Short. Sweet. And it’s got to be better than good.

Your entry fee is $20. You will at least learn something about yourself while the audience sees your performance almost instantly. At the most, you will win $5,000 cash and go on to matriculate into the UrbanFire Network’s vast entertainment platform launching your career in a practical yet lucrative way in a manageably decent amount of time and effort. In the middle of that is a lot of opportunity and possibilities. Register today.

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