the urbanfire radio television and film festival

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    Jun 22, 2020 - Jun 26, 2020
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    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Event Description

A Gathering of Creative Minds, Tastemakers & Game Changers

The UrbanFire Radio Television & Film Festival supports our Melanated Creative Minds & Melanated Business Community in unprecedented ways which foster a tremendous amount of goodwill in the Melanated community. The festival attracts a core audience of Tastemakers of upscale professionals from around the world starting with the DFW Metroplex. Our Creative Minds are representatives from the Melanated Creative Community looking to produce media for Melanated people and everyone else that love what Melanated people have to offer by way of radio, television, and film pieces. Our Game Changers are representatives from the Melanated Business Community looking to invest in Melanated media through ad-wrapping and immersive marketing opportunities for a specific return that steers customers to their businesses. Together, these two Melanated communities - if we get the pieces right - will create an opportunity so revolutionary that it will motivate Melanated people across 48 metropolitan areas where we are concentrated around the United States to take back our power. Come to the most important event of your career to not only learn what this will mean for us all but to learn exactly WHAT to do, with WHO, and HOW to get it done in this lifetime. WHO. WHAT. WHEN. WHERE. And HOW.

Partners are essential to the long-term success of the UrbanFire Radio Television & Film Festival and its endeavor to contribute to the growth of Melanated America. The Melanated business communities engage in partnerships with the UrbanFire Radio Television & Film Festival to promote their brands, services and cultural initiatives to the festival's highly desirable audience. It also receives support from television and film producers - all working to identify and cultivate relationships with talent and producers that get it done, on time, and then delivered so that all involved can get their message out and make some money doing it. 

The UrbanFire Radio Television & Film Festival is a 7 week-long event (7 Saturdays for 2 hours) specifically designed to kick-start the Melanated economy by presenting seminar activities that educate the Melanated Business and Creative Communities on how to grab and then seize the audiences' attention to deliver information about Melanated media and products and services, as well as nurture career development in both communities. The UrbanFire Radio Television & Film Festival is focused on being instrumental to the success of festival attendees. We are pleased to offer the KOTF Cooperative Economics Opportunity, master classes, and tech talks, along with our lineup of entertainment, networking that accomplishes goals, and putting talent with producers as well as creative companies with businesses, all co-programmed with our partner, KOTF TELERADIO NETWORK.

A Platform for Financial Dignity & Independence

The UrbanFire Radio Television & Film Festival encourages and rewards artistic excellence by providing a paying publishing point platform for Narrative Feature films, Documentaries, Shorts, TV shows/ series, Web originals, SmartPhone Originals, Radio Ready Music, CombustionTV Music Videos, and Pulse of the Movement Talk Radio. Alumni success aspires to the festival's mission to 1) introduce and connect talented content creators to and with KOTF TeleRadio Network - the only Melanated-owned platform of its kind solely dedicated to Melanated people - and ultimately to their audiences at large, and 2) wrap and immerse their content with ads and products from Melanated businesses across the country so that these content creators can profit from their creative investments and Melanated businesses can grow their brands, while KOTF TeleRadio Network tells the Melanated community about all of these Melanated businesses. With this, we can begin the cycle of circulating our dollars and other resources within our communities so that our communities become active, productive, and therefore valued networks and networking partners among the other communities in the United States of America and the world over.

KOTF Teleradio Network

We exist to unify the business community parts into one, trigger the circulation of the already-present currencies, and help families convert those currencies into family and collective generational wealth while providing a cost-effective alternative for customers and advertisers to exchange quality and relevant goods and services and for content producers to provide access to quality content and relevant information to our customers.

The brain-center of KOTF TeleRadio Network is the UrbanFire Binge Networks which primarily gives us the ability to communicate via live broadcasts of radio content ( ) and television content (, to give you information about what the Melanated community has to offer one another and to the whole country as well as a forum to talk about what you find at any of the certified shops ( or whatever else you need to talk about; fear not - we will NOT sell your information to anyone, nor will we share it with anyone if we can help it. We will not block or disable your accounts if we disagree with something you might post. Our goal is to create an environment for us to reunite after corporate slavery so that we can enter post-slavery reconstruction. Stop giving away your money, you are free!

At the same time that that's what's at our heart, several infrastructure-level resources traditionally unavailable to the Melanated communities are now not only available to us but controlled by our community. There are Black-owned marketplaces online but we are different. The MoPower Exchange ( is a marketplace specifically set up to not only make the physical and digital commodities of Melanated-owned businesses available to everyone but to operate as the base of operation for our GODeliverIT! platform that almost totally eliminates the associated shipping costs.

The MoPower Exchange boasts a growing online university, the University of HerEmAkhet (, that transforms the lives of adults. The university system as we know it today was created and first built by the Moors - us. We don't have to ask anyone to allow us to have a school... Look at Amin and Nkoyo Ojuok, the founders of The Uhuru Academy, a K-12 independent home of education. These giving souls are educating our children via an Afrikan-Centered education and Sakiynah and I know its effectiveness because we have entrusted Baba Amin and Mama Nkoyo with the minds of our own babies and the difference is phenomenal. Now. Serving as a launch-pad that sits between grammar school and the university is the Universal Temple of the Most High. This non-denominational/ non-religious organization serves as the Rites of Passage from Childhood to Adulthood where the Light shined on us is designed purely to identify and then tap into the native gifts and talents each of us have, hone to persistent consistent proficiency those native gifts and talents, and then become master members of the network of professionals it builds ( The University of HerEmAkhet picks up where we all, as a village, have handed the minds up from. You too can put our babies on our shoulders and become an instructor if you qualify and are dedicated to liberating the minds of our children from anything else that's not Afrikan Centered. To go a step farther, we put into place a career resource called Let'sWORK! ( where we can list career opportunities for one another as well as a rideshare called Let'sGO! to get us from point A to point B (

The MoPower Exchange is your first point of contact with our community's Certified Investors' businesses for the actual purchase of products and services that you may have heard about on the UrbanFire and Binge networks. If UrbanFire and Binge is the brain, then the heart of this part of our platform is The MoPower Exchange. The MoPower Exchange allows you to list and then sell, trade, and buy vehicles (; The MoPower Exchange also has an investment arm called The MoPower Exchange Crypto Trading System where we can gain control of the almost $2 Trillion we will collectively spend by the year 2020. By controlling the currency in which our wealth is stored and moved, it empowers our communities to begin the massive circulation of our already-present wealth. We're bleeding out, family. We have to stop the bleeding... And here's where we start. To ensure we all stay with it, we have introduced The MoPower Business Association. The MoPower Business Association unites Black/African-American/Moorish-owned businesses with the Black/African-American/Moorish consumer base giving consumers peace of mind and confidence in buying, and consequently offering businesses tools and discounted services across the KOTF TeleRadio Network platform making them more visible and better established. With The MoPower Business Association Business & Customer Unity Center (, customers can provide vital feedback about the companies they come into contact with by way of our vast platform. And businesses can grow their brand using the vastness of the platform creating a truly immersive marketing campaign sure to grab the attention of their audiences. Join the growing ranks of elite businesses certified to serve us all and watch your business grow. TMBA Certification. We're about more than bragging rights.

To bring it all the way home, you cannot have a platform of this magnitude without considering the contributions of our creative community. To be more direct, our creative and business communities control this platform, yet these communities must get it right because if the media they produce is trashed out gravied-up turds nobody will listen and watch and no one new will learn about the products and services being offered. What we have done to stay proactive about this is organized probably the only festival in the country that has a mission of interrupting the industry and transforming the landscape of the visual and performing arts industries by controlling what shows up on the UrbanFire and Binge networks' parent stations. Specifically, this festival calls in our media by our creative community. It calls in the writers, directors, producers, and editors, and actors/ actresses and the magic-making crews that make the magic happen. It calls us all together with the business community, who serve as our industry Game Changers, with the sole purpose of giving the business community the opportunity to participate in immersive marketing opportunities at the pre-production stage so that our businesses can help us create engaging media and do it right. That's part of it. The other part of it is, these personalities are called together to directly impact the UrbanFire and Binge platforms. When participants experience the UrbanFire RadioTVFilm Festival, our goal is to find our media that's ready to go on and put it on the platform for pay. If it's not ready, then we have workshops that explain and demonstrate HOW to make it ready. Once it's ready, then it goes onto the platform for pay. And to follow through, the UrbanFire Radio Television & Film Festival creates lasting relationships wherein future media is made throughout the year. It creates career opportunities.

Make no mistake about it, KOTF TeleRadio Network is the premier platform capable of sitting outside of but running adjacent to the "mainstream" industry to operate in a fashion to show the so-called mainstream industry how the participating platforms can experience growth and profitability by ensuring artists experience growth and profitability. KOTF TeleRadio Network is the premier hub for content providers, advertisers, and consumers to exchange goods and services as a means of advancing the identifiable, candid, and progressive portrayal of the Moorish/ African—American experience via the mediums of social networks, internet radio, and internet television. And then take all of that and wrap it with the exciting element of the KOTF Cooperative Economics Program ( where everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, is eligible for profit sharing and residual income for those families that are ready to establish a family estate and then show others how to establish family estates.

Where do we go from here? What do we do?

We simply use the platform. We simply tell others about the platform. We begin the journey of stopping the bleeding, Family.

Welcome to MoPower. The place where we know "Peace" means the natural order of everything and everyone that is anything and somebody, and where we are convinced that "Mo" means Melanated.

We wish us all Peace and MoPower!


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